All Sound Services From One Place

We have all sound services from music to film sound, studios with best equipment, professional staff.
Guest producers and sound engineers are very welcome. We give a helping hand on session setups for no fuzz speedy start.

Studio is located by river Pielinen 13 km North from Joensuu city center. Our private location in the middle of most beautiful Finnish nature give sessions relaxed atmosphere.

Studio building has been designed by studio architect John Flynn. Studios has 263m2 of purpose build spaces for sound production. Studio design is based on John's previous studio designs like Abbey Road Studio 3 and Sarm Studios.


Studio has 2 control rooms. Each room has excellent line of sight teach other and surrounding nature. All rooms have daylight.

Studio rates are by contract. Ask offer or current price list from studio@sfsound.fi


Mastering is fixed rate 40€/song or 350€/album
Training and consulting are 60€/hour. Minimum charge 120€.
Accommodation for studio customers 40€/night total up to 6 persons.