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Best Sound Design?

Our film sound department Kimmo Perkkiö and Samppa Hirvonen have been nominated for Best Sound Design award at Milan Filmmaker Festival for their excellent work with movie Mustarinta by Koju Film Company.

Milan Sound Design Nomination

Insomnium in studio again

We are recording new Insomnium material. Expect epic stuff coming…
Weapons of blast destruction!

Carcass Teaser

Carcass movie teaser trailer sound post finished just in time for South by Southwest festival. Horrible things to come with Finnish flare…

Kotiteollisuus sessions

Kotiteollisuus came and recorded new material for follow up for the great Kruuna/Klaava album.

Rendel location sound

Rendel location sound is done so far. Short shoot in Spring and then to sound post production. All of the sound work is done by SF Sound.

Render is the 1st Finnish superhero movie. Its looking very good already…