All Sound Services From One Place


NEVE Genesys 32/64 kanavainen miksauspöytä Encore
automaatiolla ja Total Recallilla

DAW: Protools HDX 10/12
Protools 12
Protools 12 Video Satellite for HD video playback
Logic Pro 9 & 10

Final Cut Pro X

AUDIO EASE: Speakerphone 2, Altiverb XL
iZOTOPE: RX6, Ozone 8, Thrash, Stutter Edit, Spectron
ja Vinyl
CELEMONY: Melodyne Studio 3 ja Melodyne Editor plug-in
EVENTIDE: UltraChannel ja H3000 Factory
SSL: Channel ja Bus Compressor
WAVES: Platinum Bundle, Restoration Bundle, Native Power
Pack, Abbey Road Bundle, SSL Bundle and 360 Surround Tools Bundle
Revoice Pro 3
Max 7/MSP
Fuzz Measure

MK Sound 2510 P Main monitors (5)
Dangerous Music Monitor ST/SR System VD
ESI nEar05 active monitors (2) V
Genelec 8030 active stereo monitoring (2) V
Genelec 7030 active 5.1 subwoofer
HearBack Personal Monitor Mixer Hub
HearBack Personal Monitor Mixer (6)
Samson S-Phone headphone amplifier (2) V

AKG K141 Studio headphones V
AKG K240 Monitor headphones V
AKG K44 headphones V
Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones V
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones (2) V
Beyerdynamic DT 150 headphones (3) V
Sennheiser HD 25-SP II headphones
Vic Firth SIH1 isolation headphones

12 Gauge Red12 (2) VD
12 Gauge Green12 VD
12Gauge Blue12 (2) VD
AKG C24 vintage stereo tube mic
AKG C414 B-XLII condenser mic stereo set (2) V
AKG C568 B (2) V
AKG D12 vintage cardioid dynamic mic
AKG D112 cardioid dynamic mic V
AKG D202 vintage cardioid dynamic mic (2) V
AKG D222 vintage cardioid dynamic mic
Calrec CB20CC mic with CC50 cardioid capsule (3) V
Calrec CB20CC mic with CC51 bass roll-off cardioid capsule
Cascade C77 Short Ribbon microphone D
Cascade Fat Head BE ribbon microphone (2) D
Cascade Fat Head ribbon microphone stereo pair D
Cascade Vin-Jet Long Ribbon microphone D
Coles 4038 Ribbon microphone (2)
DPA 4060 lavalier microphone VD (2)
Langevin CR2001 cardioid condenser mic V
Manley Reference tube mic
Neumann Gefell PM750 vintage condenser mic with N691 power supply
Neumann KM184 cardioid condenser mic stereo set (2) V
Neumann U87 matched pair (2) V
Placid Audio Copperphone (2) VD
Schoeps CMIT U5 Shotgun Mic (2) V
Sennheiser e602 dynamic mic V
Sennheiser e606 dynamic mic V
Sennheiser MD 421-II (4) V
Shure SM 57 dynamic mic (5) V
Shure SM58 dynamic mic (2) V
Shure SM7B dynamic mic V
Soundfield SPS422 Stereo microphone system
STC vintage condencer mic serial no 3&4 (2)
Telefunken ELA M 260 tube condenser mic (2) D
Telefunken M80 dynamic microphone VD

Apogee AD16X converter V
Apogee DA16X converter (2) V
Apogee Big Ben studio master clock
Apple Mac Pro Quad core with 300Gb + 2x500Gb hard drives
Antellope Orion 32 channel AD/DA
DroboPro Data Robot
ESI M8UXL Midi I/0
Large number of external firewire hard drives
Lynx Aurora 8 AD/DA converter
Nagra III
RME HDSPe Madi I/O sound card
😅Zoom F8 8-track field recorder with PCF-8 bag and F-Control FRC-8 Mixing Control Surface😅
Zoom H6n 4-track field recorder

E-mu Proteus/1
Fender Dobro acoustic guitar V
Gibson Flying V electric guitar
Gretch acoustic guitar
Hemingway digital piano
Ibanez SR-605 bass V
Korg DTR-2000 digital rack tuner
Laney IRT Studio guitar system
Marshall JCM 800 LEAD-1960 4x12 guitar cabinet
Mesa Boogie 295 stereo valve amplifier
Studiologic VP88plus midi keyboard
Yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar
Zimmermann akustinen piano

Alesis 3630 Compressor V
AMS Neve DMX 15-80 Delay
AMS Neve RMX 16 Reverb
API 500VPR 10 slot rack VD
API 512C Discrete Mic Pre VD
API 527 Discrete Compressor VD
API 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ VD
BSS DPR-901II dynamic EQ (2) V
Echolette E51 delay
Eventide Instant Flanger model FL201
Ibanez DMD2000 digital delay
Manley Massive Passive valve equalizer mastering versio
Manley Variable-MU valve compressor limiter
MXR Pitch Transposer
Neve 1081R with 7 1081 and 5 AIR Mic pre-amps VD
Neve 8051 Surround Compressor D
Neve 8801 Channel Strip VD
Sansui spring reverb
SPL Dynamaxx compressor V
SPL Transient Designer 4 Dynamic effect processor (2) V
SPL Stereo Vitalizer mk2-T valve enhancer
SSL XLogic X-Rack VD
SSL X-Rack E Series EQ Module (4) VD
SSL X-Rack Stereo EQ Module (2) VD
SSL X-Rack Stereo Bus Compressor Module VD
Telefunken spring reverb
TL Audio Dual valve mic pre-amp / DI
TL Audio Indigo-series 0-2031 Triode Valve Overdrive
Tech 21 Sansamp R.B.I. bass pre amp V
Tube-Tech SMC 2B multiband compressor
TC Electronic 2290 Delay
TC Electronic System 6000
Urei graphic room equalizer model 539 (2)
Yamaha FX900 Effect processor

Canon 5D mkII Still / HD Video Camera V
Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens V
Canon EF15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens V
Canon 300D Still Camera V
Canon DV Video Camera V
Final Cut Studio
GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
Ianoro Lilliput Kit (3 lights) V
Manfrotto 475 Pro Geared Tripod V
Manfrotto #400 Geared Head V
Manfrotto 503 Pro Fluid Video Head V
Manfrotto #125VS Variable Spread Basic Dolly V

Westwick Balanced Mains Power D
Radial JD7 Injector D
Radial Re-Amping kit (X-Amp+J48 active DI) VD
Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface VD
Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24 mikseri
SSL Madi-X8

Our location sound gear includes mains and battery powered film production equipment that includes following:
Fully equipped sound trolley
Metacorder hard disc recorder
Digital field mixer and spare recorder
2 Zoom F8 field recorders with timecode
Sennheiser and Lectrosonics SR-series Digital Hybrid wireless with DPA 4060 and VT500Water lavaliers
2 Schoeps CMIT U boom mic
2 Main boom poles (wireless) and several smaller boom poles
Several different lavalier, shotgun and super cardioid microphones
Wireless audio monitoring for director
Equipment also includes several headphones and other usual recording gear
We also have our own sound van

DPA 4060 lavalier microphone VD (2)
Neumann KM184 cardioid condenser mic stereo set (2) V
Placid Audio Copperphone (2) VD
Rode lavalier microphone VD
Rode NTG-3 shotgun microphone with Blimp VD
Schoeps CMIT U5 Shotgun Mic (2) V
Shure SM 57 dynamic mic (5) V
Shure SM58 dynamic mic V
Shure SM7B dynamic mic V
Soundfield SPS422 Stereo microphone system
Voice Technologies WT500Water lavalier microphone VD (2)

Total number of particular item is in brackets.

Enquiries and info: studio@sfsound.fi

Most of the studio equipment is also available for rent.
Items available for rent are marked with letter V.
Demo products are marked with letter D.

Rent prices are 2% of the retail value of the item per day.